Alaska's System for Early Education Development or SEED

One of the most critical elements to ensuring a successful system for early care and education in Alaska is having the right information to paint a picture of the needs of our workforce.  SEED works to capture important information about the field through the Alaska SEED Registry. 

What is Alaska SEED?

The Alaska System for Early Education Development, or Alaska SEED is Alaska's early childhood professional development system. A part of Alaska SEED is the SEED Registry, a database supporting early childhood professionals. This dynamic database tracks educational and professional development milestones of early educators on an individual basis. The data remains confidential, and is used for reporting purposes. In order to be successful as well as capture current trends here in Alaska, thread is working to grow Alaska's SEED. We encourage early educators, teachers, administrators and others working in the field of early childhood to join the Alaska SEED Registry.

Why You Should Join the Alaska SEED Registry Project 

The Alaska System for Early Education Development (SEED) is a professional development system for early educators in Alaska. Based at thread, SEED is a collaborative of Head Start, the Tribal Childcare Association, State of Alaska Departments of Education and Early Development, Health and Social Services, Labor, thread, and other nonprofit agencies in Alaska.

The SEED Registry can:

  • Provide an efficient system to keep track of your ongoing education and training.
  • Issue a SEED certificate verifying your placement on the SEED Career Ladder.
  • Provide information about your early childhood credentials to employers and parents.
  • Increase your access to training and educational opportunities.
  • Increase eligibility for scholarship and funding opportunities, including Professional Development Reimbursements (PDR).
  •  Watch this 30-second video on the Alaska SEED ROOTS Awards.

Cultivate your professional growth * Join the Alaska SEED Registry

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