SEED Training Approval System


Introducing Alaska’s Approval System for Training 

The Alaska SEED Training Approval process is a part of the SEED Professional Development System that ensures trainings meet consistent standards, contain content that reflects current research, and align with the SEED Registry, Alaska Early Care and Learning Core Knowledge and Competencies, and Alaska’s Early Learning Guidelines.
Training approved through the SEED Training Approval process will be recognized as SEED–approved training for placement on the Alaska SEED Career Ladder and will also meet State and Municipality of Anchorage Child Care Licensing requirements. Approved Training will be valid for 5 years. 
Alaska SEED is pleased to announce the implementation of Phase 1 of the Alaska SEED Training Approval System. The first phase of the Training Approval process includes training provided for and by the following training and training organizations in Alaska and nationally. 


Training for the Alaska Childhood Administrator Credential:

thread: Pyramid Foundations

thread: Strengthening Families

National Alliance of Children’s Trust & Prevention Funds: Strengthening Families ™ (Online Training)

thread: Introduction to Alaska's Early Childhood Core Knowledge and Competencies

University of Alaska Fairbanks: UAF Course ECE F410: Supporting Family Relationships through Mentoring (3 Credits)

University of Alaska Fairbanks: UAF Course ECE 350: Financial Management of EC Programs (3 Credits)

University of Alaska Fairbanks: ECE Child Development Credits (12)-  Tom Copeland:

  •  Coming to Terms: How to effectively use Contracts & Policies
  •  Managing Your Money: How to Save Money & Plan for Retirement
  •  Successful Strategies for Marketing for Business
  •  Reducing your Risks: Legal and Insurance Issues
  •  Mastering Record Keeping &  Tax Preparation

The NECPA Commission, Inc. in Partnership with ChildCare Education Institute (CCEI)- The National Administrator Credential (NAC)

thread: Environmental Assessment Scale (ERS)

            Smart Horizons

  •      Assessing Child Care Business Practices
  •      Budgeting and Financial Management
  •      Contracts, Policies, and Record Keeping
  •      Managing your Child Care Business
  •      Taxes and Insurance  “Trainings not open to the public” 

Providence Alaska Learning Institute (Trainings not available to the public)

  •  Human Resources
  •  Financial Management of Early Care and Learning Programs

National Training: 
The following training organizations have been approved through the National Workforce Registry Alliance’s Training Organization Recognition approval process and are therefore recognized as SEED–approved training:
Accredited Colleges and Universities: 

Phase 2 of the Training Approval process will be launched in 2017. For more information, please contact SEED at


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